7 Factors Real Estate Agents Use to Price Listings

On the surface pricing a home for sale may seem effortless, but an experienced real estate agent will bring together several factors to determine the best price for your property. In fact, it’s experience that helps agents put dollar values on qualitative features. Those features range from the location of the home to current market conditions. Here are 7 factors that agents use to price your home for sale.

Keep in mind the advice here applies strongly to the Northern Virginian market where our brokerage is located. Pricing strategies and features that add or detract value vary based on your market. Speak to a qualified professional in your area for more information or feel free to contact us.

1. Comparables

Every agent regardless of their time in the industry will start their assessment of a property by searching the multiple listings service (MLS) for homes that are similar to your home (also called the subject property). Depending on location and the market this can be an easy and quick process or it can be like finding needles in haystacks.

The idea behind comparables is the agent is looking for properties that would represent what the house would have sold for had it been listed in the recent past as well as identifying competing properties. Competing properties would be homes that are currently listed on the market that buyers will mostly likely also see during their home search.

The easiest time for searching for comparables is when the subject property is in a large subdivision. Since all the houses are built nearly identical then it stands to reason the prices will be nearly identical as well.

It becomes trickier when the home is in an area where the houses are significantly different from each other or where comparables are scarce. In these situations agents will typically search a radius of up to 5 miles for possible comparables. The idea is that it’s reasonable to expect that a buyer will look at homes within 5 miles of each other since the location is relatively similar.

Agents will then weigh comparables to the subject based on a number of factors including age, style, square footage, acreage, and number of rooms. The more identical the comparable is to the subject the less the distance of the radius comes into play. After all, a buyer looking at your 3 bedroom house is very likely to be looking at all 3 bedrooms houses within a 5 mile radius.

Once the comparables are found the agent will start organizing and analyzing them. First the agent will split them up based on whether they have sold or are currently listed. Properties that have sold within 3 months will provide the most insight on the state of the market and what your home is most likely worth. The idea here is that if your home were listed three months ago, the buyer will have paid that price for your house. An experienced agent will give very little if any consideration for a sold property’s listed price. The list price was where the home started, not necessarily what the home sold for. In fact, if the home sold for less than the list price it would be unwise to list your home for the sold’s original list – you’d be repeating their mistakes, especially since your competition is also looking at that comparable and basing their listing on the sold price.

Using competitive properties as comparables is a little more difficult because you can’t be sure of the listing agents’ experience of valuing their properties. Since they haven’t sold, you can’t be sure that buyers are willing to pay their list prices. Instead, agents use competitive comparables as a barometer of how to make the home more attractive. You never want to be the highest or lowest priced home in an area. If you’re the highest, it will dramatically decrease your showings. If you’re the lowest, buyers will assume something is wrong with your home plus if you do sell you could be getting less than what you should.

Homes that are under contract give you a stronger idea of what buyers are willing to pay, but bear in mind contract prices are not available until after the property has sold so the offer on the home could be higher or lower than the competitive comparable’s list.

2. Condition

Aim to have your home clean, uncluttered, and bright for maximum value and a fast sale

Aim to have your home clean, uncluttered, and bright for maximum value and a fast sale

Inexperienced agents will stop at step 1, assuming that comparables play the heaviest role in valuing a property. Indeed comparables provide a great deal of insight in pricing a home, but they should be used as a starting point not as the only resource.

Two homes may be completely identical to one another but if one home is poorly maintained the poorly maintained home will be lower in value. This seems like an easy concept, but what is considered poorly maintained can be a little unclear.

We always tell our clients to make their home looks like a model home. We aren’t necessarily suggesting it be staged, though staging can help, rather we’re suggesting that the home be uncluttered, clean, and bright.

Cluttered is a difficult condition to convey because what is “cluttered” to us may be “lived in” to you. It’s important to realize you aren’t living in the property anymore. As soon as you decided to list, it became someone else’s home. Pack up as many items as you can. You’re moving anyway, so consider this proactive packing rather than cleaning. Follow your agent’s advice though, because he or she may want you to arrange certain pieces as part of staging your property.

Your home should be spotless. Imagine you’re going to the thrift store (remember your home is considered used and second hand), aren’t you more likely to purchase something that is cleaner and free of defects? Sure, that stain in that shirt will come out if you wash it – or it might not. Or you can just buy a shirt that’s already clean to begin with. If your walls, carpets, or floors are dirty or smelly consider repainting or replacing them because they will go a long way in making your home sell faster. A home that sells quickly makes you more money. Once your home starts racking up days on market, it becomes a negotiating point for buyers since high days on market implies your home is undesirable.

3. Location

Location is pretty much built into consideration during the search for comparables but location can be as narrowly defined as the floor on which your condo sits. Indeed condo properties on higher floors tend to be priced higher the same way end unit townhomes are priced higher or detached homes off main roads in a subdivision are priced higher.

4. Adjust for features

Adding functional space like a patio could have a positive impact on your home's value

Adding functional space like a patio could have a positive impact on your home’s value

There are occasions where certain properties have certain features that will increase or decrease the value of their home. Unfortunately, it’s far easier to decrease the value rather than increase it.

There are a variety of reasons why popular features don’t increase the value of your home. Granite countertops look nice and are currently trendy, but as a resale they aren’t brand new anymore and it’s hard to justify adding their installation value to the value of your home. Those bamboo floors may have been expensive, but maple flooring is just as functional and looks just as nice. These features are what made the home feel more like a home to you, and while you may have been willing to pay extra for them, most people are not.

Bump outs and small variations in square footage also don’t increase the value of your home, especially if these variations don’t add any true functional space to your home. Most bump outs allow you to add a small table to your kitchen, which rarely justifies a higher home value to buyers.

Features like new air conditioning, stainless steel appliances, or new roofs rarely increase a home’s value. These items are considered maintenance. They maintain the value of your home because they should be operational, but they will rarely increase it over a comparable’s value even if it’s a fancy system (it’s the bamboo versus maple argument all over again). However, if they aren’t functional they can devastate your homes value especially if it’s the septic system. Maintaining your home isn’t just so you can continue living comfortably, it also protects its resale value.

Swimming pools don’t tend to add any value to homes in the Northern Virginia market since, unlike warmer climates, they can’t be used year round. This can be considered a highly custom feature as it could be a make-or-break feature for buyers. Use your pool or similar custom features as a marketing highlight, but avoid allowing it to influence your home’s values.

The news isn’t all bad. There are some features that can add value to your home. Finished decks, patios, and high quality landscaping add useable space to your property and buyers consider these features highly desirable. Fully finished basements almost always add value to your home. When trying to add value to your home, function almost always beats out form no matter how glamorous or trendy that feature may be.

5. Market Conditions

This is a factor where experienced full time agents have the biggest advantage over inexperienced or part time agents. After being in the business for a while, experienced agents can get a feel for the direction of the market. They aren’t psychic, but they can identify strong market indicators that can influence a property’s value.

Some of these conditions are seasonal. It’s no surprise that spring and summer are the most popular times to buy a home. The weather is nice, homes look more appealing, there are no holidays to compete with, and the kids are finishing up their current school year.

Some of these conditions are highly localized. While these trends are more subtle, we can give you a very dramatic example. When the government was shut down earlier in October 2013, home sales came nearly to a grinding halt in Northern Virginia since many people had difficult verifying employment or income. While the government shutdown affected home sales nationally, many Northern Virginians work for the federal government or government contractors.

Some of these conditions are influenced by the government or economic influences. The easiest example is the market crash around 2005. Another example is the home buyer credit of 2008. It increased home sales which in turn drove home prices up, but when it ended in 2010 home sales quickly dropped off and home prices decreased. A more recent example is the recent increase of interest rates on loans – the more expensive it is to take on a loan the fewer homes will be sold which generally leads to home prices declining.

6. Seller’s Input

Agents will always take their seller’s questions and concerns into consideration when pricing a home. After all, the seller has the final say where the home will be priced. This shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity to price a home with the intention of negotiating for a lower price. Over pricing could eliminate potential purchasers who don’t qualify for the higher list prices while simultaneously making you the lowest priced property in the higher bracket especially if you break into a new $100K mark (like pricing at $525,000 instead of $499,000).

Seller’s input weighs the most heavily when the seller is open and honest about their motivation for selling their home. If the seller is close to being underwater and is trying to avoid bringing money to the table to sell the home, the agent may suggest to price the home a little higher. If the seller has to move within a certain time limit, the agent may suggest a lower price to make sure it sells faster. If the seller is planning on using the funds received to make a down payment on a new home, the agent can try to calculate that into the price. The more open and honest you are with your agent about your finances and your goals, the better your agent can help you.

7. Appraisals

Depending on your situation your agent may suggest you have the home appraised. This is particularly important on highly unique situations, when condition is an issue, or when there are no decent comparables available on the market.

Appraisers use similar methods to valuing a property, but their value estimation is regarded with authority. Buyers who are getting a mortgage will always have an appraisal performed, because the lender will refuse to lend beyond the appraised value of a home. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t price a home above an appraisal but it does mean that the buyer will have to make up the difference in cash which many often cannot do. Besides, paying more for a property than the appraised value can be seen as going into your property underwater (owing more than what your home is worth).

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of appraisals: Conventional, FHA, and VA. Each appraisal goes hand-in-hand with the financing of the same name. They all pretty much use the same methods for estimating value, but FHA and VA also take property condition more strongly into consideration with VA being stricter than FHA. In fact certain property conditions can prevent the sale of home when the purchaser is using FHA or VA financing. Knowing what these issues are ahead of time could help you proactively make repairs saving you time on the market.

Remember to speak to an attorney or accountant before making any decisions as each individual’s situation is unique. This article is meant to provide information – not to replace a professional’s advice.

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7457 Langholm Way, Manassas, VA 20109

New Price! Recently Updated!

Langholm Way 017
7457 Langholm Way
Manassas, VA 20109

Convenience. Space. Comfort. This townhome has a ton to offer all within the heart of Manassas near major shopping and dining. With three levels and over 1700 square feet of living area, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, you’ll feel right at home in no time.

As you walk into the main level you’re granted instant access to entertaining as the family room greets you and your guests. Beyond the family room you’ll find your open kitchen area complete with large pantry and dining area. Feel like dining al fresco? Right off of the dining area is a custom stone patio perfectly shaded by trees for those hot summer days. You also have a convenient half bath located on the main level.

On the second level you’ll find convenient living with two bedrooms, the laundry and utility room, and a full bathroom.

On the third level is the spacious master bedroom with it’s own master bathroom. The master bathroom is an amazing retreat with soaking tub, separate shower, and dual vanities.

This regular sale townhome with new paint can be yours for only $235,000! Call McGlothlin Properties at 7035940320 to schedule a showing today!

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3 Spaces to Focus on When Selling Your Home and 3 You Don’t

A clutter free kitchen makes your home look cleaner and bigger

Keep your kitchen counters clean and clutter-free. It will make your home feel cleaner and larger.

Selling your house can be stressful. You know you have to do certain things to make sure your home looks presentable to purchasers, but what if your time or budget is working against you? Staging your home doesn’t have to be expensive and there are some ways to prioritize your limited resources to get the maximum benefits. Here are some places you can focus on and expect a good return on your strategy.

DO scrub down your kitchen

One of the highest selling points for homes is the kitchen. Whenever we take purchasers to see properties it almost always seems to be the kitchen that makes or breaks their interest – even when they admit they don’t cook!

Make your kitchen sparkle and keep it that clean while your house is listed. Keep countertops clear and cabinets well organized. If your kitchen looks cluttered and crowded buyers will immediately suspect there is not enough storage in the kitchen. Smell is important too! Think cut flowers, fresh herbs, and warm spices.

DO simplify your bathrooms

The second highest selling point for a home is the bathrooms. Make sure these spaces feel like a safe haven and are immaculate. Declutter the bathrooms as much as possible including moving medications out of the cabinets, heavily reducing the toiletries, and getting rid of reading material. When you’re staging your bathroom think spa or hotel.

DO take control of your landscaping

First impressions matter. Make sure your yard, especially your front yard, is well kept and inviting. Weeds and toys in the yard can make your home feel chaotic and make purchasers feel stressed. Planting inexpensive flowers like pansies is easy and has a powerful impact. Make sure gardening equipment including hoses are kept away from the front entrance if possible.

DON’T commit all your energy to your main level rooms

When people walk through your main level it should feel clean and welcoming. Look for cobwebs on light fixtures and in corners. Concentrate on decluttering and depersonalizing. Depersonalize so your buyers can see themselves living there. Pay special attention to the foyer making sure it’s clean and clutter-free as it’s the first glimpse into the house.

Don’t go overboard with buying new furniture and painting the walls if you don’t need to. Rearrange the furniture so it feels more like a model home or your favorite furniture stores. If the colors on your walls are really bright and distracting, you might want to consider painting them neutral.

Keep in mind buyers often change the flooring and paint color after they purchase so don’t over improve these areas. Just because you love those newly installed hardwood floors doesn’t mean your purchaser will.

DON’T worry about staging your bedroom

Clean, declutter, and depersonalize. That’s all you need to do. While your bedroom should feel like a safe haven you’re most likely taking everything in the bedrooms with you when you move. Buyers know that and while having professionally decorated rooms can really be impressive there’s no need to go that far. Take advantage of stashing things under your bed to do a quick decluttering before a last minute showing.

DON’T eat up your time straightening your closets

Your closets shouldn’t be packed full with things, that might make it look like there isn’t a lot of storage in your home, but you don’t have to spend a great deal of time organizing your closets either. If you’re concerned your closets are overcrowded start packing for your move early using boxes or suitcases.

If you find yourself spending too much time in one area ask yourself, “If I were looking to purchase this house, would this be a big deal to me?” Walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes will provide a lot of insight – even if it’s just in your own home.

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5 Signs that May Indicate a Seller’s Market

What is a seller's market?

Ask an agent whether your market is currently a seller’s or buyer’s

You may have heard the terms buyer’s market and seller’s market thrown around especially in relation to prices, but what do they really mean? Do they indicate that the market favors one party over the other?

Here are some signs that may indicate a seller’s market. Bear in mind there are many variables at play especially in the real estate market and no two markets are identical. If you’re wondering if your northern Virginia property is in a seller’s market give us a call.

1. Prices are rising

The earliest indicator of a seller’s market is when market prices are rising. At its most basic this means that buyers are willing to pay more for the same property today than they were yesterday. Sellers can check comparable properties that have sold and see what the comparable was listed for and what it actually sold for to see if prices are rising. Another method is to check what comparables were selling for 6 months ago against what comparables are selling for today.

While buyers are insistent that the lowest price is the best deal this isn’t always a bad situation for buyers. For one, sellers won’t have to resort to a short sale to sell their property, which can be a tiresome lengthy process for both parties. Sellers will also have more room to negotiate with buyers when prices are rising. If a buyer needs money to go to closing, a seller with a more valuable property will be able to offer concessions to help the buyer close. Rising prices should also make a buyer feel more secure about the value of investment they are about to purchase.

2. Properties selling quickly

A house that sits on the market for a long time can be detrimental to negotiations for the seller. Immediately buyers will question why the property is sitting on the market for so long. One statement we hear all the time is, “I wonder what’s wrong with it?” In reality, there may be absolutely nothing wrong with the property.

Sometimes properties sit on the market for a long time because buyers in the area are having a hard time getting approved for loans. Fewer buyers means they can be more choosy about where to spend their money.

3. Few properties available

Going hand-in-hand with properties selling quickly is a low inventory. Having lots of buyers in a market where few properties are available is typically a good market for a seller. The buyer competition drives up prices and gives sellers room to negotiate.

But this should also be coupled with a high turnover rate. Properties should be coming on the market as quickly as they are selling. If there are only two comparable properties available in an area but they’ve been on the market for over 100 days, the buyers may still be a in a better position.

4. Market rent is rising

One question buyers typically ask themselves before entering the market is whether they should buy or rent. The strongest factor in their decision is price. If rentals are significantly lower than listings, depending on their situation it may be better for them to rent. But if prices are very similar on rentals and listings buyers will rather spend their money on building equity.

We’ve seen this in the Northern Virginia market where the increased short sales and foreclosures drove up rents. Since individuals in those situations cannot get approved for loans they have to rent until they can. Many people went through this at the same time so we’re seeing an incredible influx of buyers entering the market.

Remember though that high buyer competition isn’t always a negative for buyers. While it may mean that some buyers will have to write offers on several different properties before getting accepted, some sellers may not have listed their property at all. In other words, in a seller’s market you’re more likely to see a wider variety of properties.

5. Multiple offer situations

Another strong indicator of a seller’s market is when sellers are receiving multiple offers on the property. This indicates there are lots of qualified buyers in the market and gives sellers an edge in negotiations.

It isn’t always obvious if there are lots of multiple offer situations in a market since most records only keep the contract that was ratified. Real estate agents in your market should easily be able to tell you if properties are seeing multiple offers.

Remember to speak to an attorney or accountant before making any decisions as each individual’s situation is unique. This article is meant to provide information – not to replace a professional’s advice.

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12019 Bristow Village Blvd, Bristow, VA 20136

Front 12019 Bristow Village Blvd12019 Bristow Village Blvd
Bristow, VA 20136

Now’s your chance to own one of the most beautiful homes in New Bristow Village located in Bristow, Virginia!

As you enter through the two story foyer you come upon the formal living room which is connected to the separate dining room. The kitchen has granite countertops, built-in microwave, double ovens, gas stove top, and dishwasher and leads out to the patio complete with stamped concrete finish. You’ll also find 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The master bedroom has a master bathroom with water closet, separate shower, double vanities, and soaking tub. The lower level has two large bonus rooms, a very large rec room, and a jack and jill full bathroom. Other features include a 2 car garage, separate den, and separate laundry room. The kitchen island is removable: Simply lift off the granite countertop and the cabinet can be removed. The cabinet portion is not attached to the floor in order to preserve the integrity of the wood floors.

This home is a regular sale and is currently listed at $425,000. Call McGlothlin Properties at 703.447.6800 to schedule a showing today or enjoy the video tour below!

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5 Real Estate Concepts Misunderstood by Sellers

1. Your tax value and your market value are rarely, if ever, the same

This is probably one of the hardest lessons sellers have to learn. The municipalities aren’t appraising your house and their main goal isn’t to give you a market value for your home. Their main goal is to tax the property to generate income for the area. In addition since there are so many houses they have to find a tax value for this means it is a very lengthy process to have the value changed.

In fact, tax values move so slowly that they are usually pretty far off from market value. In a down market tax values are typically higher than market value. In a strong market tax values are typically lower than market value.

You need to look at what houses in your neighborhood are selling for. These comparables give you an idea of what buyers are willing to pay for your home. Don’t think that purchasers don’t know these comparables exist. They’re looking at more than just your house when they search for homes so they know an overpriced home when they see it.

2. The title company represents the contract, not their client

The title company is held to the high standard of neutrality no matter who hires them. This means they don’t necessarily have their client’s best interest in mind. Instead they enforce the contract to how it is exactly written. If they start choosing sides they can face penalties from the government including getting shut down.

But title companies are ran by humans so many states, Virginia included, give purchasers the legal right to hire a separate title company from the seller without penalty. Even in this case both title companies are still representing the contract but more importantly they keep each other in line. In any event, don’t think that because you hire a title company that they’ll fight for you in a dispute. You need to hire your own attorney for that.

3. You aren’t entitled to the EMD

When a purchaser puts an offer on a house they almost always include an earnest money deposit or EMD. This EMD is usually about 1% of the contract sales price. In any event an EMD shows a buyer is serious because this is the money they are willing to lose should they default. EMDs aren’t usually required but sellers rarely accept contracts without an EMD.

However, as a seller you aren’t automatically entitled to the EMD. First off, the EMD is held in an escrow account usually by a broker, although we recommend a title company. This escrow account is neutral. This means even if the purchaser defaults in the contract the seller doesn’t automatically get the EMD. The purchaser and seller have to agree who gets the EMD and how much of it. If they can’t agree, the seller has to take the purchaser to court in order to have the funds released through a judgment.

But don’t feel like an EMD is not worth anything. EMDs are deposited funds so the purchaser doesn’t have access to the money either. This can affect their ability to write on other properties. Just like how the purchaser doesn’t have to release the funds to the seller, the seller doesn’t have to release the funds to the purchaser.

4. HGTV isn’t real life

Television has given the world huge misconceptions about how several industries operate including real estate. While real estate TV shows give you a general idea of how to improve your property’s value they are far from precise. Real estate TV shows film in many different markets and every market is unique. For example: Granite countertops in the Northern Virginia area are so common that purchasers often don’t care about them anymore. In fact, even apartment rentals have granite countertops further reducing their luxury appeal.

Listen to your real estate agent’s advice on the market value of your home. They are experts in the area and have seen hundreds of houses in your area. If they say your stainless steel appliances aren’t special they’re right – because purchasers are going to say the same thing.

5. Everyone’s house is special (in other words, nobody’s house is special)

Even though real estate agents use comparables to help determine the price of your home each house has unique properties that make it special. These unique properties are more of a marketing aspect rather than a valuing aspect. And because each and every comparable house has unique properties that makes a comparable just as desirable as yours – even if the aspect is completely different from yours.

So don’t think that since you have a bump out that adds 300 square feet to your townhouse that it is automatically more valuable. This unique feature makes your property more desirable so purchasers want to write on it. But purchasers are just as happy to write on another house that has a large wood deck without a bump out.

We aren’t accountants or real estate attorneys. Remember to consult an accountant and a real estate attorney before entering into a real estate transaction.

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10760 Tullamore Court, Manassas, VA 20111

10760 Tullamore Court
Manassas, VA 20111

If you’ve ever wanted to own a large home with wide open spaces, but didn’t want to give up the convenience of nearby urban shopping, 10760 Tullamore Court may be the home for you!

This 5,105 square foot detached colonial home boasts luxuries such as an upgraded kitchen with cooktop.  Also on the main level you’ll find a half bathroom, formal dining room, a sitting room off of the foyer, a large sunroom, a den, and a two-story family room with stone wood burning fireplace.  The main level also has an in-law suite complete with large walk-in closet and full bathroom with separate shower and soaking tub.  The entrance to the 3 car garage is also on the main level off of the laundry room.

On the upper level you’ll find 3 bedrooms, including the master bedroom, each complete with its own full bathroom.  The master bathroom has dual vanities, water closet, and separate soaking tub and shower.

Other features of this home include 3 car garage and over 11 acres of land.  It is a short drive to areas such as Old Town Manassas and Liberia Avenue for shopping, dining, and public commuting such as the VRE.

This home is a foreclosure and is currently listed for $548,270.  Call McGlothlin Properties at 703.447.6800 to schedule a showing today or enjoy the video tour below!


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14533 Stephen St, Nokesville, VA 20181

14533 Stephen St
Nokesville, VA 20181

UPDATE!  This property has been renovated!  Renovations include: New paint in the entire main level, bathtub surrounds have been replaced, new vinyl flooring in the main level bathrooms, and carpet has been replaced in the bedrooms.  Check out the updated pictures and video tour below!
If you yearn for comfortable rural living then 14533 Stephen Street might be the home for you!  This 1643 square foot rambler sits on 1.24 gently wooded acres.

Inside you’ll find 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the main level which includes a full master bathroom.  The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher and off of the separate dining room is a wood deck that leads out to the large rear yard.  The fully finished basement is the entryway for the two car garage.  Also in the finished walk-out basement is a half bathroom and large rec room with bar area perfect for entertaining.

This home is a foreclosure and is currently listed for $289,500.  Call McGlothlin Properties at 703.447.6800 to schedule a showing today or enjoy the video tour below!



Quick Facts:
List Price: $289,500
3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms
Lot: 1.24 Acres
Living Area: 1,643 Square Feet
Fully Finished Basement: 899 Square Feet (+744 two car garage)
Two Car Garage
Wood Deck

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8064 Greenwich Rd, Catlett, VA 20119

8064 Greenwich Rd
Catlett, VA 20119

This two level 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom rambler is located in Catlett features a large lot and plenty of potential.

Inside you’ll find over 2,000 square feet of living area – 1,248 on the main level and 860 in the partially finished basement.  The basement includes a finished rec room and a half bathroom.  Other features of this home include an eat-in kitchen, an attached one car garage, and a detached one car garage.  This home sits on over 1 acre of land.

This property is a foreclosure and is currently listed for $212,000.  Call McGlothlin Properties today at 703.447.6800 to see this property in person or for more information.  Enjoy the video tour below!



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Woodbridge Subdivisions: Lakeside

Lakeside is a subdivision located in Woodbridge, VA off of Prince William Parkway.  Lakeside is also known as Prince William Commons.  It consists totally of condominiums and townhouses.  It is convenient to many commuter routes including Prince William Parkway, route 1, I-95, and 234.

It is less than 10 minutes away from Potomac Mills Mall for shopping and dining.

Lakeside has a neighborhood home owner’s association.  Amenities include: a community center, a swimming pool, tot lots, tennis courts, and basketball courts.  The lake within the community provides beautiful views and residents of the community can fish from the shores.

The HOA’s board consists of residents of the community and is professionally managed by Community Management Corporation (CMC).

As of March 2, 2012…

Condos and Townhouses listed and sold in Lakeside range from $169,000 – $269,000 with most currently listed properties priced in the early- to mid- $200s.

Homes for Sale in Lakeside

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